Mary Miller is pro-life. She will OPPOSE efforts to undermine and eliminate the Hyde Amendment, which makes it illegal to use federal funds to pay for abortions.

Miller also will SUPPORT efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider.

America has a long history of immigration and much of what has made America a great country has been the result of people coming to this country to make a new life for themselves and their families. Legal immigration is and will always be an important part of what makes America a great country.

But illegal immigration is creating a strain on our national economy and the security of our citizens. MS 13 gangs are terrorizing American cities and American taxpayers are paying millions to cover healthcare and welfare costs for non-citizens.

It is time to get serious about border security. Mary Miller OPPOSES sanctuary cities and she SUPPORTS building a wall on our southern border and she SUPPORTS the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. She will stand with President Trump in securing America's border.

Most of the ideas surrounding healthcare do little to actually lower prices. Shifting the cost of healthcare does not lower prices - it merely changes who pays the costs.

Mary Miller's plan for healthcare is to:

  • Allow insurance companies to offer plans that cross state lines;
  • Allow workers to keep their healthcare plans even when they change jobs;
  • Adopt policies that will create more price transparency so that patients know what the cost of healthcare services really are;
  • Create more competition which lowers prices;
  • Enact tort reform to lower the cost of liability insurance for medical professionals.

Mary Miller believes the key to lowering the cost of healthcare must come from free market solutions - not government bureaucracy.

The US unemployment rate is the lowest since 1969. The great economy is being fueled by the Trump tax cuts.

Mary Miller SUPPORTS keeping taxes low and she will fight to make the Trump tax cuts permanent and keep Americans working.

There is a disturbing trend among America's youth as they are drawn to socialism as a form of government.

Venezuela stands as an example of what socialism does to a country. The unemployment rate in Venezuela is expected to reach 47 percent in the next year and 90 percent of the country lives in poverty.

Socialism may be the latest trend, but socialism destroys lives. Mary Miller will fight against efforts to make America a socialist nation.

The Green New Deal is being backed by the far-left extremists who now control the Democrat party.

The cost of the Green New Deal is tens of trillions of dollars. The Green New Deal would raise the cost of motor fuel and would impoverish rural families. Mary Miller will fight to protect rural residents by opposing radical ideas like the Green New Deal.

Mary Miller is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights. She will OPPOSE any legislation that requires honest gun owners to give up their firearms to federal agencies. She believes the best way to curb violence is to enforce existing laws instead of enacting more laws that only serve to undermine the rights of honest citizens.

Spending in Washington D.C. is out of control. The $23 trillion national debt is unacceptable. Mary Miller will fight for an end to the Continuing Resolutions that spend money the government simply does not have.

She will fight for an actual budget with spending priorities that put the safety and security of our nation first.

Mary Miller is the wife of a farmer and she has been instrumental in managing their family farm. She understands the agriculture life as she lives it every day.

Agriculture is a multi-billion-dollar industry in Illinois. Farmers in Illinois help feed the world. Mary Miller is committed to fighting for policies that will preserve, protect and promote the agriculture industry in Illinois and throughout the nation.

One of the most significant ways to drain the swamp would be to enact term limits for members of Congress. Career politicians in Washington D.C. are interested solely in preserving and protecting their own political power.

Legislators like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have been in Washington D.C. long enough. We need term limits if we hope to ever drain the swamp in Washington D.C.

The Unemployment Rate in the United States is the lowest since the 1960s. This is due in large part to the President's efforts to roll back burdensome regulations on American businesses.

Mary Miller will fight to continue these efforts. It is imperative that we free the American economy from the limitations of overburdensome business regulations.

Mary Miller believes that government should not interfere with the rights of American citizens to trade with other countries.

She believes trade should be, above all, fair. She will fight for trade deals that do not penalize American businesses and American consumers. Free market solutions are what is needed to grow the American economy.

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